MPlayer Windows GUI

The MPlayer Windows GUI offers a user-friendly interface for the original Windows command line MPlayer (included in the installation of the Windows GUI). All the latest codecs are included, so you should be able to play just about any video out there including Flash FLV, QuickTime MOV, and other formats not usually supported by run-of-the-mill video players. Installation is easy with the Windows executable setup file; just make sure you have the latest Microsoft .NET Framework Redistributable. Once you've done that…

Click here to download the MPlayer Windows GUI!

Screenshot of MPlayer Windows GUI
  1. The path to the MPlayer command line executable. Should automatically locate the file when you first start the program. If it does not, you can find the proper file, mplayer.exe, in the directory "mplayer" under the directory to which you installed the GUI.
  2. The movie as a file on your computer. Note that the program must have write access to the directory in which the specified file resides.
  3. The URL to the movie as a file on the Internet (untested/unsupported)
  4. The path to a subtitles file and if subtitles should be shown. Currently, if the subtitles file shares the same filename (minus extension) of the movie file, they may invariably be shown, regardless of whether "Subtitles" is checked. In order to prevent this from happening, change your subtitles filename to something different than the movie filename. Ex: If your movie is "house_of_flying_daggers.avi", name your subtitles file "".
  5. Whether the movie will be played in full-screen mode. (Note: Full-screen mode does not affect aspect ratio.)
  6. Whether sound is on or off.
  7. The time at which to start playing the movie (must be in 00:00:00 format).
  8. The two-char country code of the audio language track to be played. (untested/unsupported)
  9. The two-char country code of the subtitles language to be shown. (untested/unsupported)
  10. The movie display resolution in pixels.
  11. The playlist of movie files to play. (untested/unsupported)

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—xXezekielXx (Ezekiel Victor)